accent & voice traning 

Joel offers accent and voice coaching for theatre, TV and film.


"Working with Joel has been a great and enlightening experience. Joel taught me the fundamental tools that will allow me to apply on any character as well as explaining the philosophy behind it, so I can keep growing as a creative. Joel also has an invaluable understanding of cultural and class nuance that is imperative in order to be specific to the person you are portraying. I would highly recommend him. - Daniel Kaluuya" 


"What I enjoy most about working with Joel is the personal, tailored nature of the sessions. Joel has helped to renew my confidence with accents and dialects, and I would highly recommend him. - Karla Chrome 


"It was the first time I found a voice coach who really took the time to understand my thinking process in order to get the best work out of me. It was my debut performance in the industry and he really pushed me to be confident in portraying a Cuban accent. - Kenneth Omole"